Ethnographic manuscripts. For the introduction



The website (Этнографические рукописи) is a private scientific website for publishing texts in electronic form on various areas of ethnography that for one reason or another have not been printed or cannot be printed. From the point of view of the philosophy of science, we talk about a very simple thing. It is not enough to know the solution to a problem, you also need to know who you will be dealing with when publishing the solution found.

The website was created to publish works on topics that are currently in very little or no demand. It all began with allegations of the disappearance of the subject of ethnography under the onslaught of civilization and ended with the inclusion of ethnography in the so-called anthropology with the rejection of an independent subject-matter. Gradually, this led to a complete mistrust of the development of its own conceptual apparatus. In the end, science was replaced by a kind of philanthropic activity, and the formulation and solution of problems shifted to the area of purely terminological exercises.

Therefore, this website was created for those who believe in the existence of a science called ethnography. Faith as opposed to belief requires proof. And the purpose of this site is to prove the existence of ethnography. Ethnography as science consists of two subsets: the union of elements of traditional culture, including folklore, and the union of theoretical objects in the form of scientific proposals that connect these elements.